The Collectives of Young Communist will embrace the 10th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations

Noviembre 27th, 2013


After the postponement of its celebration, during the next 15th and 16th of February 2014 the Collectives of Young Communists, CJC, embrace the organization of the 10th Meeting of European Youth Communist Organizations (MEYCO). The slogan of this meeting will be “The struggle of the Communist Youth in the conditions of the capitalist crisis, in the path to Socialism.”

CJC face this organization up as a historical commitment with the proletarian internationalism. We are conscious, knowing that this aim cannot be built around empty rhetoric; we have to do it around the concrete commitment of work and a joint offensive of the worker and popular extraction youth in an international area.

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The CJC about the situation of the Spanish Multinational Preparatory Committee for the 18th WFDY in Ecuador

Septiembre 9th, 2013

To World Federation of Democratic Youth and its member organizations:

From The Collective of Communists Youth of Spain, member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), we would like to share the situation referring to the Preparatory Committee of the Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students in our country.


The internal regulation of the WFDY requires that for the call of a Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students, the member organizations of the WFDY make a National Preparatory Committee (In Spain, Multinational Preparatory Committee, MPC from this point forward), a single one for each country (just a committee for a country), whom from the moment in which it is made, it becomes the only valid representative for the preparation and spreading of the festival, above from the own initiatives of the organizations inside this committee.

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[WFDY] On the intentions for direct military interventions in Syria

Septiembre 2nd, 2013


 The World Federation of Democratic Youth highly condemns the imperialist military and political movestowards a direct military intervention to the sovereign state of Syria. WFDY re-affirms its position that we stand against any military or by other means intervention against the people of Syria.

With great concern we have witnessed the past couple of weeks a mobilization of the USA and their NATO allies, EU Britain, Turkey, Gulf countries etc to call upon an immediate and direct military intervention in Syria using the pretext of the well-orchestrated allegations about use of chemical weapons. The recent history has taught us very well how pretexts are easily fabricated or used to justify the modern crimes of imperialism.

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The Collectives of Communists Youth (CJC) advancing steadily toward the 8th Congress

Septiembre 13th, 2012

The Central Committee of the Collectives of Communist Youth, in its 12th meeting held on 25th and 26th August, scheduled the 8th Congress of the organization on March 2013.

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The World Federation of Democratic Youth solidarity message on the 64th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Septiembre 12th, 2012

The world federation of democratic youth salutes the people and youth of DPRK on this

revolutionary anniversary, the 64th anniversary of the foundation of DPRK. On this day, we all remember the great leadership of comrade Kim II Sung that led the country into liberation from the imperialism of Japan.

Comrade Kim II Sung, which turned this struggle into a revolutionary struggle in the  hands of the peoples and proletarians, he came to draw the conclusion that revolutionaries should have one’s own faith and judgment and pioneer the path of revolution by staying among the people and relying on their strength.

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Greetings to the creation of the Front of the Communist Youth (Italy)

Agosto 16th, 2012

Dear comrades:

From Central Committee and also from CJC International Relations commission we are glad to get our greetings and our support to the efforts you are making for the building of the Communist Youth in Italy. Being aware that is not a easy job and it will mean a hard discuss, we are also sure it won’t be in vain, but it will mean a big and essential step for the balance of forces in Italy. Read the rest of this entry »


Agosto 16th, 2012

Each historical moment, in the classes fighting development, has its own program and its own struggle strategy to conquer  the positions which answer the particular development of capital-work contradictions. 

The working class and popular sections, in the situation of structural crisis that Spanish capitalism is, have to prioritize these politic elements that are making stronger the positions of them against the dominant classes, managed now by PP and yesterday by PSOE in central government, and also by the autonomics governments in which various political parties are participating in them-all of them- in the same way of obedience to the capital.

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Statement from the Executive Committee of the PCPE in face of the economic intervention of the European Union

Junio 27th, 2012

The Executive Committee of PCPE, in face of the direct intervention of the EU to Spain, disguised as a 100 billion euros loan to the government to try to save the Spanish financial sector of its bankruptcy, declares:

1) The Spanish government lies when they say that this is not a bailout and that this money will not be returned by the people. They have also been lying by in recent weeks when denying it, with a high degree of cynicism, as it was known that this bailout was about to come. And the government now lies again when they say that this billionaire loan has no counterpart policies.

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PCPE`s executive committee calls for a new general strike against PP`s government

Mayo 17th, 2012

PCPE`s executive committee calls for a new general strike against PP`s government, for our rights, for our living conditions, and for socialism.


PP`s government has untied a generalized offensive against working class.

The deep structural depression of Spanish capitalism, is heading Rajoy`s government to a frantic race, in order to try to save Spanish oligarchy`s interests from the bankruptcy.

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Workers and students joined in the First of May

Mayo 8th, 2012

The current situation for this May 1st is to have more than 5 million of unemployed workers and one to two young worker unemployed as well. The new labour reform approved by the ruling “Popular Party” means the continuation of the previous labour reform carried out by the “Socialist Working Party of Spain” and it’s but a new confirmation of how capitalists rule and the different governments obey.

But we also reach this May 1st with the working class and its young sector, which showed through the last General Strike held in March 29th they are ready to begin the struggle against anti-working and anti-popular policies of implemented by oligarchy’s government.

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