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The Collectives of Young Communist will embrace the 10th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations

Miércoles, Noviembre 27th, 2013


After the postponement of its celebration, during the next 15th and 16th of February 2014 the Collectives of Young Communists, CJC, embrace the organization of the 10th Meeting of European Youth Communist Organizations (MEYCO). The slogan of this meeting will be “The struggle of the Communist Youth in the conditions of the capitalist crisis, in the path to Socialism.”

CJC face this organization up as a historical commitment with the proletarian internationalism. We are conscious, knowing that this aim cannot be built around empty rhetoric; we have to do it around the concrete commitment of work and a joint offensive of the worker and popular extraction youth in an international area.


The Collectives of Communists Youth (CJC) advancing steadily toward the 8th Congress

Jueves, Septiembre 13th, 2012

The Central Committee of the Collectives of Communist Youth, in its 12th meeting held on 25th and 26th August, scheduled the 8th Congress of the organization on March 2013.

The 8th Congress will be held amidst development and worsening of the structural crisis suffered by the capitalist mode of production which is in its imperialist phase. (more…)

18th July Day of the antifascist defense

Lunes, Julio 26th, 2010

From the CJC we want to produce homage to the men and the women who decided, in front of the frustrated fascist coup d’état against the II Republic in the fateful day of 18th July, 1936, not to bend the head and fight. This struggle was not so much for the simple defense of a legal bourgeois republican frame, but for the military defeat and definitive politics of the oligarchy, the landowners and the catholic hierarchy, authentic bases of the fascist regime that began to grow during that July 18. (more…)

Starts the work in Spain for the celebration of the 17th World Festival of the Youth and Students.

Jueves, Julio 1st, 2010

After the previous Festival held in Caracas (Venezuela) in 2005, the World Federation of Democratic Youth has marked for December in this year the celebration of his 17th Festival in South Africa.

These festivals congregates the world democratic youth, provided of a clear antiimperialist character, of fight for peace and solidarity, of continuous construction of a world with social justice and support of socialist processes and, in the present situation, against the structural crisis of capitalism which is suffering the working class, and which reserves for the youth one of the worst faces as: precariousness, unemployment, temporal work.

The struggle and the organization of the youth are essentials for the future of the society, the social change and the advance towards the socialism. The youth has been historically an example of fight, for the rights related with education, genre´s equality, against the racism, against the fascism…



Viernes, Junio 18th, 2010

     The World Federation of Democratic Youth is deeply concerned with the tension created in Korean Peninsula following the sad incident of sinking South Korean warship leaving 46 sailors dead on board.

The tension is heightened as South Korea accused for the Torpedo attack from DPR Korea is responsible for the cause; however the DPR Korea has outright denied so. It is noteworthy to mention the investigation is unilaterally carried out denying the request to receive investigation team to help to investigate from the first hand information. The allegation to DPRK is not based up on scientific evidences and fabricated after a long time of incident is to isolate its fellow country by the ultra-right and conservative government of south. (more…)

Final Declaration of WFDY Seminar: “With the struggle of the Youth, nor bases, nor political and military blocks!” | Lisbon, 21st of May of 2010

Jueves, Junio 17th, 2010

NATO is an aggressive military alliance. Which counts with 28 countries in Europe and North America, is an extension of U.S. military power and acts according to their interests. Its formation in 1949, shortly after the Second World War and six years before the Warsaw Pact marked the aim to diminish the influence of the socialist system in Europe both by political and military means, to stabilize the capitalist power especially in West Europe, to attack the people’s movements that were
growing up rapidly. (more…)

Common Statement of the Organizations that participated in the 8th Meeting of the European Communist Youths

Jueves, Marzo 25th, 2010

The delegates that participated in the 8th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations, held in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of March, 2010 under the slogan “The struggle of young communists against the capitalist barbarism and anticommunism; for Socialism” declare the following: (more…)

On the European Union’s blackmail operation against the people and youth of Greece

Jueves, Febrero 25th, 2010

Over the last months, particularly the last weeks, a growing international awareness has been raised around the situation of the Greek economy, as if this country was “bankrupt” and could not survive without exterior
intervention. (more…)


Jueves, Febrero 25th, 2010

The World Federation of Democratic Youth joins the Mandela family, South African people and all progressive youth movements in remembering the 20th Anniversary after the release of Cde Nelson Mandela from the notorious Robben Island Prison of the apartheid regime.

We once again re-affirm our support for the great revolutionary leader who has stood firm and focused to defend the imperialist machinations and unconditionally defended the revolution for a free South Africa. (more…)

The CJC: 25 years organizing to the communist youth

Miércoles, Febrero 10th, 2010

On January 13rd, 1985, the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain created the State Commission of the CJC, the first provisional direction of the Collectives of Communist Youth. There was fulfilled a year of the foundation of the Communist Party of that time and the refounded Marxist-Leninist project for the Spanish State recognized the need for a struggle organization for the communist youth.

The first Congress of our organization assembled more than 400 delegates in Madrid, with the challenges of an offensive of youth struggle in the student movement, in the trade union work –especially, after the General Strike of June 20th of 1985 –, the struggle for peace and against the NATO and the international solidarity work. (more…)