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The CJC about the situation of the Spanish Multinational Preparatory Committee for the 18th WFDY in Ecuador

Lunes, Septiembre 9th, 2013

To World Federation of Democratic Youth and its member organizations:

From The Collective of Communists Youth of Spain, member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), we would like to share the situation referring to the Preparatory Committee of the Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students in our country.


The internal regulation of the WFDY requires that for the call of a Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students, the member organizations of the WFDY make a National Preparatory Committee (In Spain, Multinational Preparatory Committee, MPC from this point forward), a single one for each country (just a committee for a country), whom from the moment in which it is made, it becomes the only valid representative for the preparation and spreading of the festival, above from the own initiatives of the organizations inside this committee.


[WFDY] On the intentions for direct military interventions in Syria

Lunes, Septiembre 2nd, 2013


 The World Federation of Democratic Youth highly condemns the imperialist military and political movestowards a direct military intervention to the sovereign state of Syria. WFDY re-affirms its position that we stand against any military or by other means intervention against the people of Syria.

With great concern we have witnessed the past couple of weeks a mobilization of the USA and their NATO allies, EU Britain, Turkey, Gulf countries etc to call upon an immediate and direct military intervention in Syria using the pretext of the well-orchestrated allegations about use of chemical weapons. The recent history has taught us very well how pretexts are easily fabricated or used to justify the modern crimes of imperialism.


Final Declaration of WFDY Seminar: “With the struggle of the Youth, nor bases, nor political and military blocks!” | Lisbon, 21st of May of 2010

Jueves, Junio 17th, 2010

NATO is an aggressive military alliance. Which counts with 28 countries in Europe and North America, is an extension of U.S. military power and acts according to their interests. Its formation in 1949, shortly after the Second World War and six years before the Warsaw Pact marked the aim to diminish the influence of the socialist system in Europe both by political and military means, to stabilize the capitalist power especially in West Europe, to attack the people’s movements that were
growing up rapidly. (more…)

Solidarity with the Spanish comrades – for democracy and freedom!

Martes, Marzo 23rd, 2010

WFDY denounces that two members of the Collectives of Young Communists (CJC-Spain, WFDY member organization) and a member of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain are facing a trial in which each of them could be sentenced to three years and ten months in prison. (more…)

On the European Union’s blackmail operation against the people and youth of Greece

Jueves, Febrero 25th, 2010

Over the last months, particularly the last weeks, a growing international awareness has been raised around the situation of the Greek economy, as if this country was “bankrupt” and could not survive without exterior
intervention. (more…)


Jueves, Febrero 25th, 2010

The World Federation of Democratic Youth joins the Mandela family, South African people and all progressive youth movements in remembering the 20th Anniversary after the release of Cde Nelson Mandela from the notorious Robben Island Prison of the apartheid regime.

We once again re-affirm our support for the great revolutionary leader who has stood firm and focused to defend the imperialist machinations and unconditionally defended the revolution for a free South Africa. (more…)


Martes, Enero 19th, 2010

         The World Federation of Democratic Youth is very sad to know about the nulldemise of    Com.  Jyoti Basu, a Veteran Communist Leader of India on 17th of  January, 2010 in Kolkata at his age of 95 years old.    He headed the left front in West Bengal from   1977-2000.  He served as the first democratically elected chief minister from communist party in world history for a so long.

He had popularized the communist movement among down trodden people of third world like India in a democratic way whilst never compromising   the true sense of ideology.

He is one of the prominent freedom fighter of India.

In this very time of sadness we express our heartfelt condolences on his demise.  We join the cause of sorrow felt by the progressive people of India as his life itself was marked by the long standing anti-imperialist struggle and for a left movement.

Comradely Yours,
WFDY, CC Headquarter
Budapest, Hungary
19 January, 2010


Jueves, Enero 14th, 2010

                On behalf of member, friendly and all youth organizations from the globe the World Federation of  Democratic Youth expresses our deepest sympathy, sorrow and solidarity with our suffering Haitian
brothers and sisters who have hardly hit by the devastating impact on their lives caused by the  earthquake of January 12, 20110.

The reports coming out of Haiti reveal a catastrophe of an unimaginable scale. We send our prayers for those who have survived. We hope that the Region and the International community will quickly coordinate efforts to assist with the rescue and saving of the lives of those persons who are still  trapped in these difficult times.

We call on all the youth and student organizations all over the world to lend their support in solidarity  with the people of Haiti in mobilizing international response and aid. In this regard we urge  governments in the neighborhoods to swiftly move into Haiti to rescue the situation. This is the moment where people of Haiti really need urgent assistance.
The Federation stand ready to lend its support to the noble people of Haiti, we mourn with our Haitian brothers and sisters as this is our tragedy also.

May the future of Haiti, its people and youth, be urgently brought to a normal state and fast recovery from all catastrophes that both nature and imperialism has brought to the innocent souls of this nation.

14 January 2010
Budapest, Hungary

FIFTH ISSUE OF WFDY NEWS, September and October, 2008

Miércoles, Octubre 8th, 2008


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Comission of the International Relations of CJC.


Martes, Octubre 7th, 2008

Over the last weeks there has been a growing public debate on the so called “economical crisis” that has started in the USA and had impacts in Europe and that is supposed to threaten the economy of the whole world.
This crisis, which the economists promoted by imperialism don’t seem able to explain, is in fact due to the accumulation of years of financial speculation that never produced any concrete thing, being only useful to a bunch owners of multi-national companies’ owners, who have increased even more their stupendous fortunes. (more…)