Workers and students joined in the First of May

The current situation for this May 1st is to have more than 5 million of unemployed workers and one to two young worker unemployed as well. The new labour reform approved by the ruling “Popular Party” means the continuation of the previous labour reform carried out by the “Socialist Working Party of Spain” and it’s but a new confirmation of how capitalists rule and the different governments obey.

But we also reach this May 1st with the working class and its young sector, which showed through the last General Strike held in March 29th they are ready to begin the struggle against anti-working and anti-popular policies of implemented by oligarchy’s government.

Thus, the Communist Young’ Collectives, we roundly affirm the success of the General Strike. That’s not just because most of the worker supported it, but because it supposed an inflexion point on the rejection of the oligarchy’s policies against the majority of workers. As we had stated before, the General Strike is not the goal though an important first step to let the struggle start, which yet began on March 29th and now it’s our task to make it continue. Capitalists have imposed us for some years and with no popular protests at all their policies, and we cannot reckon that just one General Strike we’ll make them to step back. Many more General Strikes, demonstrations, and increasing levels of struggle are needed in order to make then understand our force and as some slogans were claimed throughout that day, “without the workers none gear of production works in any industrial sector”. Therefore, the unstop mobilization through the time is the weapon of the working class against the oligarchy’s policies.

In this meaning, we have to require to the directions of the main unions to set up a mobilization planning to lead in another Genera Strike and we also demand them not to come back to negotiate with the oligarchy some parts of the new labour reform. We can just demand its immediately retirement!

126 years from the assassinate of the Martyrs of Chicago just to ask for a daily work of 8 hours, we confirm that the struggle is the only way, that the rights conquered by their blood and the many others around the world will be gone unless we don’t fight until overthrow this capitalism exploitation system. It’s needed to put an end on the social peace theory which has been very harmful for the working class interests and has led us onto the current situation of deterioration of our conditions of life. Just the continue mobilization of the working people we’ll achieve knock out the labour reform and the cuts’ policies against public services like the health or education systems, social aid, etc. The struggle has to be hold by the entire people against the monopolies rullin currently the country. Thus why CJC and PCPE propose the following demands in order to establish a platform to fight against the capitalism:

·         Immediate retirement of the labour reform

·         Defense of the collective negotiation

·         Unlimited unemployment support

·         Rejection of the economic and working forces cuts

·         Against privatization of public services

In this fight, as it was shown in the last March 29th, the youth played an important role and it will. Many young people took part into the pickets and later mobilizations in that day. The students were on their marks as well in that General Strike when we can saw Secondary Schools and Universities completely empty of students, confirming the support of the student youth to the protest.

Just by the struggle we’ll show that we’re not a lost generation rather than we’ll be the generation struggling capitalism and fighting for the only economic system called to replace it: socialism-comunism.

¡To held the struggle further than March 29th!

¡Against the social peace!

¡For another General Strike!

¡War against the capitalists and their governments!


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