PCPE`s executive committee calls for a new general strike against PP`s government

PCPE`s executive committee calls for a new general strike against PP`s government, for our rights, for our living conditions, and for socialism.


PP`s government has untied a generalized offensive against working class.

The deep structural depression of Spanish capitalism, is heading Rajoy`s government to a frantic race, in order to try to save Spanish oligarchy`s interests from the bankruptcy.

There are no limits for this government in the capitalist dictatorship.



Attacks aim against working right, in order to reduce at the most, the price of workforce, and to place working class in slavery conditions; plundering familiar economies in order to finance sharks of the financial sector, and against social services, which are cut down and privatized as favourable prey for capitalist accumulation.


European Union leads these politics, impels imperialism interests and imposes an iron dictatorship, settling a system of limited sovereignties in a way of a German protectorship over the countries from the imperialist union as a whole.


In the last few weeks, it has been added to this situation important reverses in the plundering strategies of the Spanish monopolist capital in Latin America. Argentina and Bolivia have chosen to rescue the control over part of their own resources, which had been taken away by Spanish multinationals in the last few years. This shows the deep ebb-tide of Spanish imperialism’s positions in the international quarrel.


This trend, to which the government will not achieve to stop, will increase the difficulties for Spanish capitalism, for the oligarchy and for the monopolist capitalism.

Working class will take advantage of the difficulties from the oligarchy to continue their class interests. The working class does not have common interests with the oligarchy.



The last General strike on the 29th M proved that working class is ready to fight against this violent attack from capital against working right, and to defend another exit to this structural crisis of capitalist system.

What working class really needs is a force capable of organizing and head that necessary fight.


For all this reasons Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España, joining in with other voices that speak the same way, encourages to walk towards a new general strike against labour reform, and against every measures taken by Rajoy`s government, towards the exit of Euro, European Union, and NATO.  As an essential step in the process of force accumulation towards the popular and workers` way out of this crisis, towards the socialist and communist society.



PCPE will join every initiative aiming this direction of consequent fights to defend the working class and popular sectors. PCPE joins the proposal about the General Strike is called for the next 15 th of June.





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