Statement from the Executive Committee of the PCPE in face of the economic intervention of the European Union

The Executive Committee of PCPE, in face of the direct intervention of the EU to Spain, disguised as a 100 billion euros loan to the government to try to save the Spanish financial sector of its bankruptcy, declares:

1) The Spanish government lies when they say that this is not a bailout and that this money will not be returned by the people. They have also been lying by in recent weeks when denying it, with a high degree of cynicism, as it was known that this bailout was about to come. And the government now lies again when they say that this billionaire loan has no counterpart policies.

2) With this intervention of the economic and political structures of the oligarchy of the European Union, we see the utter failure of the political project of the bourgeoisie of this country, expressed in the policies pursued by the different governments that have alternated in government in recent years. Both PP and PSOE, and the other parties that have participated in the constitutional consensus of these almost 35 years, have been unable to raise a project of future with a sovereign state, and have ended up giving de facto and formally, the entire economic and political sovereignty to supranational imperialist institutions like the EU and the IMF.

3) This maneuver involves no injection of liquidity into the Spanish productive economy nor the worried economy of the families, but is only intended to relieve the cadaverous Spanish banking system, steeped in its entirety by the structural crisis that engulfs the capitalist system in general and its financial faction in particular.

4) This intervention is another failure for the forces of the bourgeoisie, who have demonstrated, once again, their absolute inability to lead and structure a project for Spain, basing their project on a allegedly beneficial integration into the international imperialist chain. The logic of imperialist development, determined by a very fast and unstoppable process of concentration and centralization of capital, determines the subjugation of the weaker elements of the chain, leaving as rhetoric the alleged course of European integration in the EU as an agreement between free and sovereign nations. Thus, the supposed illusions of reformism of promoting an alleged “social” Europe are now in evidence once again. There is not, nor will be, a social Europe in the imperialist project of the EU. Regardless of the political orientation of the bourgeois forces, the policies introduced by one government or another have led to a generalized situation of impoverishment and loss of rights, unsustainable for the popular and social majority who, apart from seeing how many historical achievements are cut and destroyed, is now facing a new wave of adjustments that only carry more unemployment, more poverty and more exploitation of the working class.

5) The PCPE considers that this intervention - the latest proof of the inability of capitalism to overcome its structural crisis – will not mean any relief for the workers’ and popular sectors directly affected by the crisis, but further increase the unbearable and unpayable public debt, which will be used as pretext for the bourgeois forces to intensify their attack on the economic, social, labour and trade union rights of the majority.

6) Given this failure of the historical project of the bourgeoisie in Spain, which has no solution within the framework of the capitalist system and under the domination of the bourgeoisie, the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain calls on the workers to take on the leading role and consequently works for raising a global alternative and radical change for social majority: the seizure of power by the working class, the building of an economic model to serve the people, the building of socialism. Promoting the emerging process of workers’ mobilization, developing days of general struggle across the country and making the general strike the main tool of their struggles. Building Workers’ and Popular Front for Socialism as a framework for alliances to move towards this working class power.

7) The PCPE is diametrically opposed to this intervention as well as all political measures attached which will be announced in the coming weeks, and denounces all those positions, from the bourgeoisie and reformism, who will pose a soft management of the intervention, as it has already happened in other countries. Our position is not based on the need to renegotiate terms, interest or amounts once the government accepts the intervention, we refuse to pay the debt incurred by the bourgeoisie. The PCPE calls to fight for an immediate break with the imperialist structures, with the EU, the Euro and NATO, with the clear objective to begin the development of a project based on the socialization of the strategic means of production, of the financial and construction sectors and the building of an economy to serve the people, not monopolies.

8) The PCPE calls for the construction of the broader social and popular alliance against the effects of this intervention, to increase and multiply the mass struggle in the streets and in the workplaces, until the total defeat of the bourgeoisie and its capitalist system.


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