Each historical moment, in the classes fighting development, has its own program and its own struggle strategy to conquer  the positions which answer the particular development of capital-work contradictions. 

The working class and popular sections, in the situation of structural crisis that Spanish capitalism is, have to prioritize these politic elements that are making stronger the positions of them against the dominant classes, managed now by PP and yesterday by PSOE in central government, and also by the autonomics governments in which various political parties are participating in them-all of them- in the same way of obedience to the capital.

CCOO and UGT call to September 15th, in Madrid, is not in this necessary way for the current. Appealing to the category of citizenship to claim welfare state through an idealistic referendum involve a step back in the upward mobilizations of the last months, where the main complaint was the call of a new and more combative general strike. The general strike is the answer which corresponds with the scale of the Spanish bourgeois attack against working class and against the people. Exclusively  with this analysis and these slogans is how PCPE is going to this mobilization to lead it back to a clamour for the General Strike and against capitalism.  

Now the priority is organize the counterattack of working class and the whole people against the oligarchic government, its policies, the euro, the EU and also the NATO. Referendum proposal is paralyzing -for a period- all the upward movement of working struggle and divert it a idealistic ability to decide in the legal framework of the capital dictatorship. This is an inacceptable diverting in this moment of exacerbation of classes fighting, is a real oxygen tank for the government, diluting the class character of the confrontation.

The present strategy of the dominant classes is orienting to leading the mechanism of social legitimating which allow them bear down upon a new kind of authority, embodied in an authoritarian state with social consensus. The campaigns against policy, the parties, the trade unions, the autonomies… are leaning in real problems but are working to create the necessary subjectivity for this rising attack. The same call which is expanding by internet without organized identified on September 25th outside parliament is sitting on the side lines of this strategy, but it also confronts with the working movement and most combative strategies of working struggle at the same time. This call remembers more the Reichstag burning making by Nazis to outlaw and criminalize the Communist Party and working movement than a popular, organized and consistent popular fighting. PCPE rejects this call and won’t participate in this under no circumstances.

PCPE will always be in all the working mobilizations where will be able to explain its position and broadcast its political proposal, but never in a subsidiary way with positions that, to some degree or another, are functional to dominant classes strategy.


PCPE calls all the working class and all the people to urgently move  towards the convening of a General Strike to confront the government and its policies, to demand the Euro, EU and NATO output, for the nationalization of the banks, the military cost reduction and the requirement for decent living conditions for the people, and for the socialism.

This moment is the moment of confrontation and struggle. We can’t avoid our responsibilities.  There isn’t consensus with the bourgeois in the management of the crisis. Either the bourgeois or the working class.


PCPE Executive Committee, 2012 August 5th

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