Greetings to the creation of the Front of the Communist Youth (Italy)

Dear comrades:

From Central Committee and also from CJC International Relations commission we are glad to get our greetings and our support to the efforts you are making for the building of the Communist Youth in Italy. Being aware that is not a easy job and it will mean a hard discuss, we are also sure it won’t be in vain, but it will mean a big and essential step for the balance of forces in Italy.

The Communist Youth has to hold down that the historical moment demands. The Youth is suffering the hardest attacks from the capital and it needs a strong organization which will be able to go on the offensive; and as we know, there is no other way of being organized against capitalism attacks and in favour working class interests that a Marxist-Leninist organization.

Likewise is necessary the leadership of the Communist Party, the leadership of a party with ferrous values based in Marxism-Leninism, democratic centralism, the practice of criticism and self-criticism. A vanguard party for the working class which is useful for them as a tool to reach the proletariat dictatorship, the unique guarantor of their emancipation.

As in Spain, in Italy the abandonment of the Leninism thesis by the historical initials means a big problem when, also build up the Communist party and youth, and also working with the proletariat class, which has internalized the message of reformism as their own message, and today is beyond its target interest as social class.

The European Union, with its terrorist army called OTAN, is no more than the expression of monopolies dictatorship. Its resources to open a new cycle of reproduction of capital again are only the exploitation and condemnation of the working class to abject poverty, as well as the imperialist war to open new markets and destroy productive forces. The communists must be firm about saying we should drop out European Union, which only respond the imperialism interests. 

Comrades, the moment we are leaving only can demand communists working to build us as vanguard of the working class, our ideas are now more in force than ever, the socialism is the only answer to our interest as social class.

From CJC we give you our support and hope to see soon the results of your efforts. We know that Communist Youth is the most necessary tool for the youth workers and popular students, who can’t hold up the attacks and the exploitation subjecting by capitalism. It won’t be an easy battle but with the Marxism-Leninism organization tool we will go on to conquer our future, we have no reasons to hide it, is  time to say  clearly that is socialism or barbarism. 

Long live the Youth Communist

 Long live the Communist party


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