The World Federation of Democratic Youth solidarity message on the 64th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The world federation of democratic youth salutes the people and youth of DPRK on this

revolutionary anniversary, the 64th anniversary of the foundation of DPRK. On this day, we all remember the great leadership of comrade Kim II Sung that led the country into liberation from the imperialism of Japan.

Comrade Kim II Sung, which turned this struggle into a revolutionary struggle in the  hands of the peoples and proletarians, he came to draw the conclusion that revolutionaries should have one’s own faith and judgment and pioneer the path of revolution by staying among the people and relying on their strength.

This is a day also to cherish the people of Korea who stood up for their rights and fought hard to achieve their liberation. The liberation of Korea who could not be possible unless with a strong leadership and the unity of the people into proletarian masses of workers and peasants into revolutionary forces.

In 64 years of liberation and forming a socialist society, DPRK have rose into a powerful

independent, developed, self-sufficient and self-reliable country, which fulfills the need of

progress and development of its peoples and is able to resist against imperialist attacks.

After the historical victory against the imperialism of Japan, the Korean people are still facing the provocative attacks of the US imperialism and the South Korea puppet authorities, which is dividing the Korean peninsula, and threatening the people from having independence and freedom. While the youth and people of Korea are still on the path of anti-imperialism, struggling against imperialist attacks, and interventions.

WFDY have always supported the anti-imperialist path of the people and youth of DPRK, and their rights for freedom, independence, and choosing their own future; and condemns the anti-DPRK propaganda played by USA and South Korea, to accomplish their imperialist interests to control the world.

This anniversary shall be a memory of a step in our numerous steps and long road against

imperialism. This revolution has taught us that a true revolution shall only be in the hands of the people to achieve its goals towards liberation. Together with the people we shall accomplish ours.

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