The Collectives of Communists Youth (CJC) advancing steadily toward the 8th Congress

The Central Committee of the Collectives of Communist Youth, in its 12th meeting held on 25th and 26th August, scheduled the 8th Congress of the organization on March 2013.

The 8th Congress will be held amidst development and worsening of the structural crisis suffered by the capitalist mode of production which is in its imperialist phase.

This structural crisis, as a phenomenon of the capitalist mode of production, linked to the highest development phase of capitalism, will not be followed by a time of prosperity in economy, but by a chronic crisis of the whole system.

In this context, the development of science and technology could allow the satisfaction of human needs, but it is burdened by the economic capitalist relations, based on the relations of production. This leads to a contradiction between capital and labour which establishes the main character of our time, confirms the theory of Marxism-Leninism and shows us our tasks in the near future.

This is how the CJC are going to held their Congress, assuming that there are no stages between monopolist capitalism and socialism, there are no steps between those stages in the stairs of history. As Lenin stated: “imperialism is the threshold of the workers’ social revolution”.

One of our goals in this next period is to keep going forward with the sectorialization of the organization in schools, universities, workplaces and neighborhoods. This is a necessary step in order to reach a better capacity of intervening among youth people of working class and popular strata.

The role of the Communist Youth -CJC- with its Communist Party -PCPE- is essential to unite all fights with one strategy, the Workers’ and Popular strata Front, which can organize all fights as one, with the target of the worker’s and people’s power: Socialism.

Because today, comrades, it is the time of Socialism and we need to be organized to make it come true.

In every neighborhood, working place, school and university, Communist Youth!

Long live the Communist Youth!

Long live the 8th Congress of CJC!

Central Committee of the Collectives of Communist Youth
September 2012

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