The CJC about the situation of the Spanish Multinational Preparatory Committee for the 18th WFDY in Ecuador

To World Federation of Democratic Youth and its member organizations:

From The Collective of Communists Youth of Spain, member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), we would like to share the situation referring to the Preparatory Committee of the Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students in our country.


The internal regulation of the WFDY requires that for the call of a Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students, the member organizations of the WFDY make a National Preparatory Committee (In Spain, Multinational Preparatory Committee, MPC from this point forward), a single one for each country (just a committee for a country), whom from the moment in which it is made, it becomes the only valid representative for the preparation and spreading of the festival, above from the own initiatives of the organizations inside this committee.

The MPC has the aim of organize and manage the previous works for the festival, which should be used for: attract and make it known to the youth masses of the country for WFDY, tell the experience of the festivals and make financial activities at a territorial level that allow to encourage the finances of the MPC and to cover a collection on “grants” which (with the incomes of everyone) could subsidize a part or the whole cost of the trip of the participants. Besides, from this finance it would be covered a international fund for solidarity that is managed by WFDY, and with it, it would be subsidized the trip of the delegates of the disadvantaged countries.

Apart from these, the MPC (as a single representative) is the one in charge of manage a trip the best it could for the delegates of the country, regardless of the belonging of the organization of the memberships, so they could have access to the advantages of the prices, as a big group and so, promote at maximum level the attendance to the festival.

For this purpose, the MPC has an internal structure in which among the organizations that it is made, the MPC designates presidents and vice-presidents, who are obligated to watch over the compliance of the aims of the MPC. The composition of the MPC can be increased by organizations or social movements that follow the criteria of the WFDY even though they are not members of it, but it can never be excluded the organizations that are full members of the WFDY.

Specific problems with the MPC for the 18th WFDS

From the CJC we are doing a non-dynamic work with the MPC that we think it is worrying and it finally leads to the non-existence of this organ, and we perpetuate the “inbreeding” in the events of the WFDY (that is, it only attends the organizations that are members, without looking for supply the representation of the festival with a character of masses), being this case really serious, because the irresponsible attitude of the presidency of the MPC, in hands of the UJCE, is making impediments even for the member organizations of the WFDY in Spain to work and encourage the delegation of the 18th WFDS.

Doing a background, the MPC had its own (and only) meeting in April 2013, in which the responsibilities were given among the three member organizations of the WFDY in Spain, agreed in the UJCE as presidents, CJC and CJC-JC (Catalonia) as vice-presidents, and a common supervision of the finances of the MPC and other works as propaganda and spreading that, in theory, they should be done to call the Festival.

It was also agreed to follow the unit criteria by the time of establishing territorial committees, which should be composed where it could be possible by the member organizations of the WFDY.

Here it started the problems when in multiple regions of the State, it has not made a committee, and many organizations from the UJCE were reluctant to organize the regional committees according to the agreed (we had to resort to its central direction to put pressure on them to go on with the committees), and in other territories they drastically refused to organized nothing jointly with the CJC.

As a conclusion, this festival is hardly having a base work, there is hardly regional committees made, from which they exist they are purely symbolic and they do not do any work as a committee and we cannot find any exception in the country where it is working correctly.

It is important to point out the presidency of the MPC, (in hands of the UJCE) because the MPC was not called by the time to deal with this problem (we understand it is extremely serious, because an essential part of the work is the previous spreading in the state), above all that many of the issues and reluctances came from the own UJCE. This issue has not been addressed, as it must have been, because of the non-interest of the UJCE to give it a mass character.

Furthermore, in the limited examples of territorial committees that have been created, these have not received any guideline of concrete political work from the MPC to guide the acts to do.

All the guidelines and even the materials from the 18th WFDS that these committees could have received, they are only received by UJCE and these have been edited only by UJCE without the allowance of the own MPC or the request to the member organizations of the WFDY in Spain. As an example, the promotional T-shirts of the WFDS that were sold in Madrid in June during the celebration of the II International Preliminary Meeting (IPM in English) were edited as an individual initiative from the UJCE, without any previous enquiry to the MPC, and the CJC did not know the quantity of incomes and its destiny.

This situation was getting worse with the tremendous difficulties that we had to get in contact with the president of the MPC, who in the last period, did not answer the phone and he almost answered the emails that the vice-presidency, represented by the CJC, sent to him .

Referring to the communications of the MPC, we only received an email on May 2013 where we were informed of a short estimation of the hypothetical prices, without any closed budget. After that, there was not any communication from UJCE in the MPC until 19th August 2013, where they answered an email about our worried for this situation (after many missed calls), in which they just proposed a new meeting of the MPC at early September (without including a proposal of place and the points to be covered, as it is their job as presidents of the MPC).

In conclusion, the MPC has done a null political work in the preparation of the festival, being the only work done unilaterally from UJCE. The organizations of the MPC (except from UJCE) in this moment do not have any information about the financial situation of it, nor the contribution of the grants, nor how it is supposed to distribute it, nor the contributions to the International Solidarity Fund. MPC has not an organized life (it only had a meeting), nor it did acts as itself, nor it did not focus on make propaganda of the Festival in the masses, with the supervision of the regional committees. Failing three months to go to Ecuador, “officially” there is not any budget of trip for the member organizations, so the MPC could organize its delegates (we put inverted commas around because this budget exists but it was only transferred to the territorial organizations of UJCE).

Two very serious facts that determine the character of this public announcement:

With the above taking into account, we could blame it to a bad management or a lack of determination from the presidency of MPC by the time of assume the huge responsibility that the charge is and, in this sense, the bet from the CJC was always to redo the working of the MPC, and in a way to go back to manage it, in the rest of the time until the Festival in a good way. However, the last facts made us reconsider seriously the “good intention” of the UJCE in its limit work of the MPC.

The first of them was an organized act in Madrid, as a spreading of the 18th WFDS organized only by UJCE, without relying on the single preliminary committee of Madrid, where they used the slogan and logo of the WFDY. The comrades of CJC in Madrid asked for an explanation for ignoring the preliminary committee, but they did not received any affective answer nor the cancellation of the act and its opening to do it unitary.

Besides, it is even more serious, it is the public verification that UJCE has closed a trip budget and this budget has let among their militants known (many of them has made it public in the social networks) and they did not informed the rest of MPC, so we were waiting to resolve this problem as a level of the MPC to do a unit trip, as we understand that it marks the good working of the MPC.

In sum: from our point of view, UJCE has impersonated the role of the MPC, so an organ that should have a unit collective and state character has become a lid for the only use by UJCE and excluding the rest of organizations that are part of it (or at least the CJC).

This attitude, firstly, is extremely irresponsible because not only drags out de facto the access of other organizations to the WFDS, but also it drags out the development of the WFDS itself in Spain and it takes forces away from the final call in Ecuador. Besides, we understand that it is extremely serious as it comes from an organization that has responsibilities in the WFDY and it aspires to increase its implication with Federation in the future.

Some additional political assessments, to contextualize:

In order to contextualize the origin of this problem, we should make clear the context.

From the early March 2013, as a result of some articles of a political critic that the Central Committee of the CJC published coinciding that our two congressional process were with a week of difference, UJCE decided to break relations unilaterally with CJC. When this happened, between the central people responsible of the international areas of both organizations agreed that despite the fact of the breakup of the relations, these fights would not affect the international area and, in particular the WFDY, where both organizations should work with honesty the one with the other, with the aim of not damage with our internal problems the working of the WFDY.

CJC is worried about that these lacks of working could be a result of transfer the breakup politics to the international area, which we consider as an absolutely irresponsible attitude, because they are using the WFDY as a weapon and it is, as a result, a victim of our confrontation for our fights.

From CJC we considered unacceptable that an organization as UJCE with a high level of implication if the WFDY, would be the one that, at an internal level, infringes the rules and aims of the WFDY in a flagrant way. We should consider why they have this attitude of “despotism” that sweeps along the work of this project, and make the rules being for just a few and, in sum; they are breaking the expectations that this important project has.


From CJC we reiterate our total compromise with the WFDY and the respect that its rules and internal course has, for this reason we were, until the last minute, betting to go back to an organized normality inside MPC.

Due to the impossibility to get to it, we state our firm intention to support the festival, even though the harmful situation that we are for being excluded of the budgets that should be common, so we will do a maximum effort to be part of a respectable delegation that participates in Ecuador.

We denounce the sectarian attitude of the activities made for the WFDY, which are totally disassociated with the masses and makes the project of the WFDY not spread beyond the militancy of the member organizations. In this sense, we criticize in a higher level that the organizations try to do the WFDY an exclusive domain for its militancy excluding other member organizations, coming to use in a absolutely opportunist way the Federation as a field of confrontations to resolve internal fights in each country.

We understand that in this moment inside the MPC, it is very dilapidated and this committee don’t trust on it, though CJC is not closed to the bet of the bilateral work that can resolve in the best way, the currently situation.

Political Bureau of the Central Committee
Collectives of Communists Youth

September 2013 

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