The Collectives of Young Communist will embrace the 10th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations


After the postponement of its celebration, during the next 15th and 16th of February 2014 the Collectives of Young Communists, CJC, embrace the organization of the 10th Meeting of European Youth Communist Organizations (MEYCO). The slogan of this meeting will be “The struggle of the Communist Youth in the conditions of the capitalist crisis, in the path to Socialism.”

CJC face this organization up as a historical commitment with the proletarian internationalism. We are conscious, knowing that this aim cannot be built around empty rhetoric; we have to do it around the concrete commitment of work and a joint offensive of the worker and popular extraction youth in an international area.

In the present conditions of the structural crisis of the capitalism, the parasitical oligarchy prepares their measures of exit of the crisis over an increase of the exploitation of the international working class, over the basement of barbarism, misery and imperialist war. For this reason, the historical challenge of strengthening the Communist Parties and Youth, of providing the working class of his unique consistent struggle’s tool, is an aim that we should  improve with a true and joint action.

The necessary international advance of the revolutionary positions has to assume the confrontation against the imperialist worldwide coordination and against its organizations of subjugation over the working class. All of them with the OTAN and its wars, its interventions, its threats against peoples; with the EU of 30 millions of unemployed, of the 127 millions that live under the poverty threshold. The EU that was built to serve the interests of the capital and multinationals against the peoples and that becomes more reactionary while its crisis increases.

It is the decisive moment that the working youth in an international area becomes aware of this international imperialist coordination is who creates and intensifies our misery and exploitation’s conditions, nowadays and in the future. It is the organization that serves the monopolies who puts the education in the hands of the capitalism and only gives us the role of cheap labour, built according their interest of appropriation and robbery of all these that as class we produced.

With the advance of the IX Meeting in the analysis of the causes and consequences of the triumph of the counterrevolution in the URSS and in the popular democracies from Eastern Europe, where the revolutionary youths were able to place our positions in common about a useful topic for the bourgeoisie to, towards the discrepancies and the resource of the anticommunism, weaken the historical conquests of the working class in the twentieth century. This meeting organized by CJC expects to be a new step in the long way of the international coordination of the Communist Youths.

And as the motto of our meeting said: the path is the Socialism. CJC are conscious about we have a long slog ahead us, we do not want to mislead, and we know that the conquest of the worker power won’t be easy. But we are conscious too that it is not enough with only express aims, it is necessary the action and commitment and for this we understand that we cannot delay more the coordination of the Communist Youths in an international area.  For all these reasons, we assume the organization of this 10th meeting with our complete willingness for the debate and for the joint advance of all those organizations that are willing to move by the path of reinforcement of the Communist Youth to the Socialist Revolution.

Now more than never, Socialism or barbarism!
Long life to the proletarian internationalism!

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