About us

To defend our rights and interests in any just claim, however minimal it is, it is necessary to organize collectively on the basis of principles, ideas that materialicemos consistently concrete struggles that we will make progress every day toward our goals.

Each type of struggle it is a method of organization. The youth and that militates in the CJC what we committed to building a fairer, more humane that only conceive in socialism.

This fight’s happening today in the battle for planting capitalism Spanish in all forms to be submitted. Some are:

- Corporatization and privatization of education
- Job insecurity
- Real estate speculation and the impossibility of access to housing
- The essence and alienating insulsa before us in culture and entertainment
- Participation in the EU and its imperialist policy
- Gender discrimination toward our fellow
- Denial of the democratic right to self-determination of peoples
- The brutal media monopoly that makes us misinformed and misled youth
- Etc.

Our fight is for the revolutionary transformation of society and it will fit many struggles. That is why we organize based on the principles of democratic centralism, we weapons of analysis tools that have contributed to humanity Marx, Engels, Lenin and many other consequential as revolutionary Che, while we collect the republican tradition of struggle and antifascist of the peoples of Spain.

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